Who We Are
Open Systems Design (OSD) is a total systems solutions company for both new and existing commercial and industrial buildings.

OSD offers installation and maintenance services for Enterprising, System Integration, Building Automation, Power Management, Access Control and Mechanical Systems. From plan and spec to design and build OSD delivers solutions that meet the changing demands of Building Owners, Facility Managers, Architects and Engineers.

What We Do
OSD can be found running a plethora of facilities including class A commercial offices, hospitals, schools, factories, and pharmaceuticals. OSD offers browser based building management and enterprising. Using only a standard web browser, building managers can access their building systems anywhere, at anytime. Facility owners have found that OSD truly makes building management, operation, maintenance and finance easier.

The Bottom Line
Energy cost is the second highest annual expense that most companies and investors must be burdened with. As any visionary can see cutting energy cost mean a stronger stock value for investors.

OSD has the ability to generate an energy savings report, before you spend one cent for a new control system. Using advanced software for energy conservation, OSD can present you with a detailed savings and payback time report on your control system investment. Automated buildings are no longer just an operational luxury, they are a necessity.